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Fix the Roof Fundraising Campaign

Hi Everyone. We are announcing today that we have started a GO FUND ME campaign to fix the roof of our building. The building was built in 1980 and is a steel flat roof. Over the years, the paint has worn off and the washers on the screws, have loosened. This is a natural aging of metal roofing and the time has come for repairs and a new coat of paint. There is a leak that shows up in the lounge

area, the lobby and possibly inside the ice shed over the North East door.

We have had a professional look it over and his quote is in the range of $20,000. And while the Omemee Curling Centre is holding it's own financially, we will not be able to cover this expense right away. We would very much not want to put the membership into a dept situation if we can help it.

So if you care about our Omemee community and wish to help, consider a donation to our cause. Please click this link.



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