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Music Trivia Night

What song became rock 'n' roll's first across-the-board chart hit, simultaneously reaching #2 on the pop and R&B charts and topped the country chart? Answer at the bottom of this page.

We have a great idea. Get three of your friends together and come to the Omemee Curling Centre on Friday November 9th, 7pm and take part in our first Music Trivia Night. Only $40 per team. Your team can only be up to 4 people. There will be 4 categories of music-related questions (Name the song, Name the singer and 2 other categories). For each category, there will be portions of recordings of 10 or so songs (rock, pop and country) that will be played on the audio system in the lounge. Each team will have sheets on which to write their answers as each recording is played. Of course the bar will be open and snacks available.

Answer: Carl Perkin's version of Blue Suede Shoes.

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